Prior to my joining Pace University as a Full Professor in 1967, the year of attaining my Ph.D., I was a research assistant in physics studying the self-diffusion of germanium at IBM T.J. Watson Laboratory, Columbia University (1955-57), Lecturer in Mathematics, Columbia University (1957-59), Lecturer in Mathematics, City College, City University of New York (1959-63), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York, (1963-66), and a National Science Foundation Science Faculty Fellow (1966-67).

As a representative of and sponsored by Pace University I had the rewarding experience of presenting my research throughout the United States and in the following countries: Austria, Barbados, Canada, Czechoslovakia (also in The Czech Republic and Slovakia), England, France, Hungary, Israel, The People’s Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Scotland, and Yugoslavia (also in Croatia).

Since my teaching has been exclusively at undergraduate institutions I do not have a list of Ph.D. students that I can post. However, I have had and continue to have the pleasure and satisfaction of working closely with many talented undergraduate students that I try to encourage to pursue their studies of mathematics and above all to enjoy this beautiful and always fascinating subject.